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Lu Jong travel and teaching in India

lu jong tso pemaLu Jong travel and teaching in Tso Pema, the Lotus Lake, holy for Hindu, Sikh & Buddhist. In this sacred place, Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Space are filled with prayers. Let your body resonate and connect with this ancient wisdom to uplift your inner elements. Unite joyfully with nature and your true nature. The lotus is merging from the mud toward light in one constant movement toward purity. New doors are opening, just dive into this moment, into this presence.

Everybody is welcome!

The Lu Jong – Tibetan Healing Yoga helps us connect with our inner source of wisdom. By gently opening our body channels and releasing our blockages we can discover ourselves in a totally different light. Suitable for all ages and abilities, this practice gently works the spine, guardian of our well-being and strength.

Tulku Lobsang introduced this Lu Jong practice to the west. After studying for many years with masters from most Tibetan Buddhist schools, he collected the movements and implemented modifications to adapt them to our needs. The venerable Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche is a high precious Buddhist master. He bases his teachings on the ancient Tantric knowledge that has been the foundation for Tibetan Buddhism, Medicine, Astrology and many popular healing techniques. Having a profound knowledge in these matters, Rinpoche now presents to the world the knowledge of his venerable lineage, integrating various disciplines in one, as they originally were.


  • October 28th –  November 1ST   : Trip from Delhi to Rewalsar with stop on the way to visit monasteries and special places
  • November 1st– 5th : Lu Jong teaching in Tso Pema (5 days)
  • November 5th – 11th: Trip from Rewalsar to Delhi, via Dharamsala and special places

We are travelling with reverence for people, cultures and places. We do our best to be as respectful as possible for the environment and try to live fruitful interactions opening our hearts. We offer this trip on a flexible basis. You may join us for the entire trip, or for just one part of as per your preference.


  • Lu Jong teaching : CHF 530.-
  • Trip first part : CHF 670.-
  • Hotel/food in Rewalsar : CHF 150.-  (if we organize, but you can find yourself cheapest ways)
  • Trip second part : CHF 930.-
  • Whole trip and teaching : CHF 2200.-

This prices are including donation, to enable different projects and Lu Jong affordable for Indian residents. We will be in good hotels when possible. In some monasteries the rooms are a little basics. The travel will be in good train and taxi. The food when included is vegetarian. Water is include, not the other drinks. Please note that the international flight to Delhi airport is not included.

With : Julie Breukel Michel

Julie Breukel Michel is mother of six children. A working experience in the palliative field as she was student made her give up her artistic career in order to follow different training programs of natural medicine and quantum medicine. Since more than 15 years she is studying Sowa Rigpa – or Traditional Tibetan Medicine in India and Europe, and parallely has developed floral and alchemical elixirs. She is teaching Lu Jong since 2002 and is recognized by Tulku Lobsang as teacher and educator for Lu Jong – Tibetan Healing Yoga . She travelled with her family very often in North India during the last 20 years and love to strengthens the bridges between those two worlds that she cherish.

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Lungta: “The Windhorse” is an ancient Tibetan symbol. While floating in the wind, the “Lungtas” continuously diffuse healing energies. “Wind” is omnipresent and gives life and consciousness to matter.
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Lu Jong Teaching and Travel, North India March 15th-27th

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