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Ancestral Knowledge at Lungta Centre

April 2015

Healing Haka with Iris & Ojaswin from New Zealand

Healing Haka with Iris & Ojaswin from New Zealand

10th -12th 04. 2015  (english) : Pou Uira Healing Haka – Planting the Light Seed with Iris Waimaania Häusermann Davis & Ojasvin Kingi Davis, from New Zealand info

May 2015

Shamanism with Bhola Nath Banstola

Shamanism with Bhola Nath Banstola

2nd- 3rd. 05. 2015 (english /italiano) Shamanism as spiritual path, expanding consciousness and going beyond the borders of ordinary reality with Bhola Nath Banstola, from Nepal info

July 2015

mantra healing25th-26th 07.2015 (english) :  Mantra Healing 1, first part ,with Emilio Gallotta, according to the teaching and the transmission of Dr. Nida Chenagtsang. info


Concert with Sugato Bhaduri & Omprakash Pandey

Indian Classical Music

Concert at Mergoscia Church on June 2, 2011 at 20.30

Healing & Meditative Workshop with traditionnal Indian Chanting on June 3, from 10.00 to 18.00. Venue & inscription: Centro Lungta more

Sugato, one of the most sought after Mandolin player in India today, was initiated into the field of music at a very tender age. While he was a school going boy started learning vocal music from his uncle and emerged out as a child artist performing on A.I.R. (All India Radio)

During his college days, he turned on to instrumental music and has taken the basic lessons of western music for this western instrument-‘MANDOLIN’. After graduation in science, he devoted himself in Hindustani Classical Music & over a period of 17 years he has learnt under the active supervision of renowned sarodiya Pt T. N. Majumder. He was also privileged to join the workshops conducted by Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, the legendary figure in Indian music.

In the year 2001, this young torch-bearer of Maihar-Seni Gharana has been awarded the prestigious SURMANI title by Sur-Singar Samsad (mumbai).

Deep resonant tone of his instrument, evoking shades of Veena, Rabab, Sarod and Sitar has helped his music to tap the earliest sources of Hindustani Classical Music and bring it forth with a new sound.

“ At first there was sound, from sound came the space element (akasha) and from space the entire creation.

We are sound.

Inappropriate music can cause imbalance and with this disharmony, make us stressed and sick. Nowadays with all our crazy sounds we have more and more difficulties to keep harmony in our lives. That’s why it is so important and pleasant to learn how to tune ourselves for greater happiness and a more peaceful live… “


In 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010 Sugato has toured extensively in Europe (U.K, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Switzerland & Austria) & performed in various prestigious music concerts.

Sugato has already performed in almost all the major music conferences in all over India. He has performed in: Malabar Mahotsav, Samraat Sangeet Sammelan, Shadaj Music Concert, Shekhawati Festival, Kalaghoda Arts Festival, Sholapur Mahotsav, Surana Festival, Dr.Vasant Rao Deshpande Sangeet Samaroh, Mysore Dasara Festival, Rose Festival, Kameshwari Festival, Kalidas Samaroh, Hampi Festival, Qutub Festival, Chakradhar Samaroh, Island Tourism Festival, Kurukshetra Festival, Bundi Utsav, Rajgir Mahotsav, Maharana Kumbha Sangeet Samaroh, Raja Rani Music Conference, Baba Harballabh Sangeet Sammelan, Sri Sankat Mochan Sangeet Sammelan, India Habitat Centre, India International Centre, Durlabh Vadya Vinod Sangeet Sammelan e.t.c

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Lungta: “The Windhorse” is an ancient Tibetan symbol. While floating in the wind, the “Lungtas” continuously diffuse healing energies. “Wind” is omnipresent and gives life and consciousness to matter.
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Lu Jong Teaching and Travel, North India March 15th-27th

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