Tibetan body-mind Cleansing seminar retreat

second part!

This is a first time, after 15 years of Tibetan body-mind Cleansing retreats experience, that Prof. Pasang Y. Arya has accepted to give a seminar to teach this special practice to his students. Therefore this seminar is only prepared for the New Yuthok Institute’s ex-TM students and new students who are interested and qualified, and who are able to study, train and put these teachings in practice.

The Tibetan body-mind Cleansing

The Tibetan body-mind Cleansing is a special practice and preparation developed by Prof. Pasang Y. Arya on the basis of the Gyud-shi’s “purgative practice”, but made soft and gentle to smoothly clean the body and body channels. Drinking the special herbs decoction and practice Tibetan Yoga liberate the toxins from the body, while meditation and medicine Buddha practice calm down the mind and relax the body/mind. This method has already been greatly helpful for many people.

This purifying method uses simple Tibetan herbs and minerals to clean the digestive system of stomach, small and large intestines, liver and gall bladder, urinal system and blood and general body constituents. It revitalizes the physiology functions, rejuvenates the organs and prevents from many disorders, constitution complains, incompatible nutrition and chronic disorders. Consequently it promotes body/mind health and helps prolong the duration of the life. Therefore body-mind cleansing is used in ancient Tibetan medicine as a rejuvenation aid.

Explanations on the Tibetan body-mind Cleansing practice and on the decoction’s ingredients and preparation are given in detail in the Tibetan body-mind Cleansing booklet.

Tibetan body-mind cleansing practitioner certification

This seminar is a part of the training program to get a certification in Tibetan body-mind Cleansing practice. To get the certification, students have to follow at least two seminars and be successful at the final examination on the subject.

Special conditions of the seminar

1. The participants should commit themselves to make all possible efforts to keep their mind serene and dedicated to the learning and experience during the retreat.

2. During the seminar, they are not allowed to eat meat, fish, garlic, onion, drink alcohol, smoke or take other addictive substances, etc.

This program is restricted to Dr Pasang Arya’s advanced students.


Lungta Centre, 6647 Mergoscia – Ticino (Switzerland)

091 730 99 91 / 079 636 69 48

centro@lungta.ch / www.lungta.ch


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