A walk of power is an opportunity to enjoy a walk in nature and use the power of the elements for empowerment.

Up in the mountain in Mergoscia we have a unique opportunity for this. With the Magic Passes from the Mexican Toltecs you will learn how to take energy from the Earth and the Sun. Especially in these times of such uncertainty we need to gather for our life the qualities of earth: stability, strength, confidence and endurance; and Sun: vitality, creativity, the ability to manifest and be active. Especially recommended if you are feeling many times tired, without motivation, if you have some pain or weakness in physical body, if you want to make some changes in your life but cannot find the way, if you simply love nature and wish to learn how to use its power…


Place: Centro Lungta, Mergoscia

Schedule: 13-16.00

with Sati (Fiona)

Fee: CHF 26.-

Registration form


2 Responses to “Walk of Power”

  1. 1 Gardner cristina & nia March 20, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    We are interested to do the walk of power.
    Thank you

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Lungta: “The Windhorse” is an ancient Tibetan symbol. While floating in the wind, the “Lungtas” continuously diffuse healing energies. “Wind” is omnipresent and gives life and consciousness to matter.
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