Are you happy?

Do you like your life…?

Is this as you dreamt as a child or has it turned into a dull running of days without light and brightness?

Do you enjoy being a woman? THE FEMININE ARTS

March 25th

with Sati

How to maintain a beautiful, healthy, rejuvenated body, mind and soul? How to feel free, self sufficient and worthy? How to be loved and wanted always? How to make your partner strive to be close to you as he did on the first days of your acquaintance? How can you create your own charming image with the help of little feminine secrets?

This wisdom opens the secrets of SHAKTI, the sacred femininity, source of immense energy which may be used for developing the highest qualities and for success in life. These are the teachings for enhancing and protecting this priceless energy every woman has.

  • Shakti: What is feminine energy? How can a woman feel this energy? Qualities and characteristics.
  • Sacred dances to awaken Shakti: the dynamic aspect of the absolute. Kali and Parvatti.
  • Opening of individuality and connection with the Feminine Essence
  • Revision of the education from childhood and understanding the programs that close femininity.
  • Different levels where the blocks affect: difficulties to have a relationship, state of victim, fear/hate of men, crown of celibacy.
  • Magic of Cleopatra: what wisdom did she possess that made her the most desired woman amongst all Emperors?
  • Art of Make up and creativity with accessories, hair, scarves and fluffs.

Many women still remain divorced from their femininity, and suffer the results of this separation: tension, diseases of the reproductive system, unease to get along with the partner, premature ageing, dissatisfaction at work, a continuous state of struggle…

But many women want to change this situation and are ready to take a step forward!


Liberate from complexes regarding your body:

Love it, heal it, and transform it into your source of joy

Feel yourself worthy, powerful, ready for a life of adventures!!

Learn the secrets for the female beauty: to charm, seduce, and be attractive

Refine your sensuality; learn how to move with grace and flair

Select a partner, who is the right partner!

Create harmonious relations with your partner, beloved ones and everyone else!

Overcome stress and anxiety: transform problems into creative challenges!!

Let go of the past and the sufferings so you are ready for living in brightness and joy!!

Wake up every morning with a smile on your face!!

Feel pleasure for life and be an inspiration for people around you!!

Attract to your life the most amazing experiences…

Place : Centro Lungta, Mergoscia

Schedule: 19:00 to 22:00

Fee: CHF 78.- (special price for the 3 events with Sati (Fiona): CHF:150.-)

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