Classical Indian Chant is not only a form of ancient music of the world, but it has a healing & meditative impact on human body, mind & soul.

At first there was sound, from sound came the space element (akasha) and from space the entire creation.

We are sound.

Inappropriate music can cause imbalance and with this disharmony, make us stressed and sick. Nowadays with all our crazy sounds we have more and more difficulties to keep harmony in our lives. That’s why it is so important and pleasant to learn how to tune ourselves for greater happiness and a more peaceful live. There are special sounds linked with the various elements, so that by chanting this pure tune arises the harmony of the elements in our body and around us.

It is actually a form of kriya yoga in which breathing exercise like pranayama is observed by singing a note & holding it for a few seconds, leaving an impact like purification of respiratory system of human body through inhale & exhale while singing a particular note.

It also has an impact over blood circulation which finally leads to the control of high blood pressure. Moreover it works over cerebrospinal fluid circulating through the spinal cord and human brain , thus helps to increase the concentration of mind which is highly needed for all the human beings to be perfect with the job they are doing & specially for the people related to yoga & meditation.

With Sugato Bhaduri

Venue: Centro Lungta

Schedule: June 3rd from 10.00 to 13.00 & 14.30 till 18.00

Fee: CHF 140.-

Space is limited, please register : here !


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Lungta: “The Windhorse” is an ancient Tibetan symbol. While floating in the wind, the “Lungtas” continuously diffuse healing energies. “Wind” is omnipresent and gives life and consciousness to matter.
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