Holistic approch from Traditional Tibetan Medicine and Naturopathy. We are not offering medical care but using techniques to optimize your wellbeing. Our aim is always to help you finding ways towards more autonomy.

We offer different therapies:

  • KU NYE – Traditional Tibetan Massage
  • TSA LUNG THERAPY– Healing through the hands
  • LU JONG – Tibetan healing yoga, to re-establish and maintain health.
  • Four Dimensions Method – discovering our reel potential by optimising harmony in all dimensions of our lives.
  • Bach Flowers, Floral Elixirs and Alchemical Floral Elixirs.

KU NYE – Healing tibetan massage, a complete system of treatment, based upon the ancient knowledge of pressure points. This particular teaching is based on an oral tranmission tracing back to Padmansambava (8th century). In this type of massage, pressure is applied in moving patterns with the aim of stimulating the flow of energies and body fluids. By applying the proper massage, using a normal oil or a special medicinal product, many ailments can be relieved.

TSA LUNG THERAPY – This is a very special technique for energy healing. It originates thousands of years ago and has been preserved in the authentic Tibetan lineages. The technique of Tsa Lung healing involves various steps. Firstly, we prepare ourselves for giving healing. The channels (Tsa) in our body are opened by breathingexercises, body movements and meditations, and the elements and humours are brought into balance. Then, through meditation, we generate a subtle heat which can be used to release the healing energy from our body. Finally, we use several types of internal wind (Lung) to direct the healing energy to its targets in our own or someone else’s body, where it effectuates restoration of harmony.

LU JONG – Tibetan healing “yoga”. Lu Jong, litterally means body-training. It has been developed in ancient times and use by the hermits living in remote areas. Far away from any medical help, the hermits had to develop techniques for self-healing. A whole assortment of body movement arose, each working on various channels, reflex zones and specific organs or body parts. By practicing the proper movements, it is possible to quickly restore the balance of humours and elements in the body, to open and close the appropriate channels, and as a result regain health.


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Lungta: “The Windhorse” is an ancient Tibetan symbol. While floating in the wind, the “Lungtas” continuously diffuse healing energies. “Wind” is omnipresent and gives life and consciousness to matter.
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