Teacher training for certified Lu Jong teacher

We are offering next Teacher Training in English in Greece, starting in Spring 2020  please contact us if you are interested. All dates can be found in the program and more information are coming soon.

(Prague Teacher Training is already fully booked)

This Teacher Certification Program is offered in conjunction with Nangten Menlang International Buddhist Medical Organization dedicated to the preservation and spread of the traditional Tibetan healing wisdom.

All the dates in Prague:

  • 1st part NOVEMBER  2019, 21st (evening : 18.00) to 27th (16.00)
  • second part MAY 2020, 9th – 15th
  • preparation and examination : SEPTEMBER 2020  12th -13th

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Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche has developed the comprehensive Teacher Certification Program to support the spread of the Lu Jong and Tog Chöd practice while maintaining the authenticity and quality of the teachings. The Certification Program provides the opportunity to successfully disseminate the practices – so that they benefit many people – while preserving the purity of the transmission. It also unites certified teachers in a way that promotes community and mutual support.

The aim of this teacher training is to train high-quality teachers able to share this precious practice with as many people as possible, to help them healing themselves and becoming more balanced and healthy.

Lu Jong is a great teaching to open your heart, mind and body, ît can help yourself to find your true inner joy and share this love and wisdom with other!

Lu Jong

yakLu Jong is an ancient wisdom coming from Tantrayana and Bön traditions. The aim of this movement technique is to ease the flow of energy in the channel and develop a better health and well being. This practice helps us to free ourselves from blockages on the physical, energy and mental level. It is helping us to create a better balance of our emotions and this will increase our vitality.

Lu Jong is rooted in Traditional Tibetan Medicine. In this tradition, sickness is seen as the result of imbalances of the elements and humors in the body. In this lineage, the movements are put together especially to improve health and wellbeing and to purify one’s negative emotions.

The movements can be learned and practiced by everyone for improving the own health and awaken the source of energy, as well as they can be learned by practitioners of Tibetan Medicine and therapists to accompany other therapies.

Tulku Lobsang

In the vision of Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche it is important to transmit this knowledge in a way where we link ourselves to the nature, the real nature, without being involved too much into religion. This knowledge is really open to all, also non Buddhists.



  • First of all you need to have at least made the experience of all the Lu Jong 1 movement with a certified teacher or Tulku Lobsang Rimpoche (you can join for the introduction week-end in Prague in October 19th -20th or another week-end)
  • Write a motivation letter

People of all background, ages (minimum of 18), experience levels and body types are very welcome. We don’t expect experience with yoga or Buddhism but ask that you have a commitment to your own development, to your own health and happiness, and that you want the same for others.


Register with your educator first, here, and then with Nangten Menlang International, here


The Education is a, at least, 14-day intensive study taught by a certified Educator. Julie Breukel Michel is the educator of this teacher training.

We offer this education in 15 days and with small groups (till 8 people) with the aim to offer all the space we need for training together before we do the examination. In this training, you will receive the 23 movements of the Lu Jong 1 practice, and many additional practices that you will be able to use in your teachings. We will also explore together all the background : historical roots, Traditional Tibetan Medicine and Tantrayana Buddhism.


You will pass practical and written exam to attain the certificate to teach Lu Jong. The practical exam will be done at the end of the training that we do together. The written exam is done online. You will be asked to answer a series of multiple choice questions, and can refer for this to your Teacher’s Manual if needed.

Master Class

A particularly important part of the Certification Program is the Master Class with Tulku Lobsang. The tradition of “direct transmission” – from the Master to the student – allows the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism to be alive until today in such a detailed and diverse way. It creates a direct connection between the master and his student, but also to the master of the master, to his master, and so on. This direct transmission connects the student seamlessly with the ancient wisdom of the teachings and an existing transmission lineage continues. There is also a helpful psychological aspect to this transmission: Trust and confidence are strengthened, regular practice becomes easier, and the personal development can bear fruit. For the certified teachers this direct transmission also means that the practice can be passed on to their own students in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang and with his blessing.

next dates: 20 -23.02. 2020 and 1-4.10. 2020 in Plöchingen, Germany

Requirements for the Master Class

In order to be allowed to attend the Certification Master Class you must fulfil the following requirements:

  • You must have completed the Education Course
  • You must have completed all standardized homework forms
  • You must have held a demonstration class
  • You must have passed the Qualifying Exam
  • You must have taken the Online Written Exam (pass not required before the Master Class)


Please be aware that your teacher certificate is valid for two years. In order to renew your teacher certificate you need to attend another Master Class within two years after your certification. After that you need to attend a Master Class every four years in order to keep your certification valid. This enables all the teachers to connect with the teaching and the others and also help them to get new informations and impulsions to deepen their practice.


  • Education fee to pay to Centro Lungta, include the teacher training and exam (pratical and written). The prices are fixed by Nangten Menlang International in base of the country where the education is offer: CHF 2400 Switzerland, € 1800 France, 1670 Czech republic, Greece & Bali, € 1430.- India.
  • 420 € registration tax and Lu Jong manual to pay to Nangten Menlang Internationaland at registration for the education
  • 380 € Master Class to pay to  Nangten Menlang Internationaland at the registration to the Master Class

This prices does not include your travel, lodging and food expenses.

General schedule during the training

We will more or less use this schedule, howewer some days we will adjust to be able to practice outside in the nature.

  • Morning practice: 6.30/7.00 am
  • Breakfast: 8.00 am
  • Teaching: 9.30 am with break: 11.00 am to 11.30 am
  • Lunch: 1.00 pm
  • Relax
  • Teaching: 4.00 pm
  • Dinner: 7.00 pm
  • Practice: 8.30 pm

Lu JongJulie Breukel Michel is formed in naturotherapy and use first quantum medicine to harmonise by resonance what influence health and wellbeing. Curious to gain a better understanding of the mystery of body, energy and subtle realty of spiritual reality, she specialized in Tibetan Medicine, alchemy and ethnomedicine. Teacher of Lu Jong-Tibetan health yoga, since 2002 and recognized Educator by Tulku Lobsang Rimpoche, she is mother of 6 children and combine her professional experiences and her life experience in order to offer ways to favorise health and happiness, as near as possible from life rhythms.

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