Lu Jong – simple yet life-changing

Ancient Tibetan Yoga Movements

weekend seminar with Julie Breukel Michel

at Tibet Open House, Prague

25-27 of May, 2019

Lu Jong Tibet Open House

This intensive teaching and practice weekend seminar of Lu-jong, led by the experienced and certificated teacher Julie Breukel Michel will introduce all the movements of Lu-Jong 1, as they are taught and practiced in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche. ( .

In this lineage, the movements are put together especially to improve the health and wellbeing and to purify one´s negative emotions.

The movements can be lerned and practiced by everyone for improving the own health and awaken the source of energy, as well as they can be learned by practicioners of Tibetan Medicine and therapists to acompany other therapies.

The participation in this seminar offers a qualification, that is necessary to begin a teacher training of Lu Jong.

The seminar will be adjusted directly to the need of the group, but it will most of all focus in the theory and practice of the Five First Elements Movements and the Mandala of Transformation of Elements. (see text bellow)

The group of the Five Elements Movements balance and purify the space, earth, wind, fire and water elements in the body. If the elements are in disharmony, diseases of the wind, bile and phlegm humors (energies discribed by Tibetan medicine) result, as well as the aggravation of negative emotions. This group of movements directly addresses these issues.


Mandala as instrument for harmony between the emotions

All the language of the universe is informational and work with numbers, forms, colours, sounds… Information inspire and give birth to all phenomena. Experimenting this in the more subtle level at the centre of our body allow us to open to a total new potential.

This kind of structure is non linear, unifying different level of our being in one unique space of harmony between microcosm and macrocosm. It is a much more feminine way to discover something, where we put the subject of interest in the middle of our experience, to be able to explore it in all direction of the space. In our body, this help us to be more aware about our spinal centre structure and re-open an harmonic space in all direction using the strength of all emotion in the most purest state.

The mandala is not linked with a culture, but is an universal symbol. We all made already the inner experience from cycles, rhythms, repetitions around a central point. The more simple example about this  is maybe the experience of the four seasons, the generating life cycle. That’s why we can all benefit to open this space for ourselves and to the world, independently of our original culture.

We can use this resonance to transform our negative emotions by having a better awareness of the space in and around our body. We can explore part of the body that need more expansion and joy, to help our real nature to express herself in all dimensions.

In Lu Jong, we have movements to touch and unblock each emotion, one after the other, to allow our crystallized memories to be more fluid and let our being expand again. This emotion transformation occur with gentleness, with time, by stretching the channels. It will open the doors of a more harmonious way to handle, that use more a way of “feeling what is right to do” than just “ doing”!

In this workshop we will learn together the basic movements to allow us to make this experience of a more fluid and profound state of mind in order to use all resonances and dimensions of our personal mandala in a more conscious and personal way.

In the vision of Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche it is important to transmit this knowlegde in a way where we link ourselves to the nature, the real nature, without being involved to much into religion. This knowlege is really open to all, also non Buddhists.

more informations


Sobota 25. května Saturday May 25
10 – 13 hod (s přestávkou)


10 am – 1 pm (with a break)


13 – 15 hod


1 pm – 3 pm


15 – 18 hod (s přestávkou)

Učení, dotazy

3 pm – 6 pm (with a break)

Teaching , Q & A

18 -19 hod


6 pm – 7 pm

Tea time, Snack

19 – 20.30

Společná praxe

7 pm – 8.30 pm

Practice session

Neděle 26. května Sunday May 26
9 – 12 hod (s přestávkou)

Učení, praxe

9am -12 am (with a break)

Teaching and Practice

12 – 14 hod


12 am – 2 pm


14 – 16 pm

Učení, dotazy

2 pm – 4 pm

Teaching, Q & A

16 hod

Čaj, rozloučení

4 pm

Tea time and Farewell

Pondělí 27. května Monday May 27
10 – 14 hod

Osobní konzultace s rezonanční terapií

k probuzení vlastní zodpovědnosti

Rezervace na čísle

773 74 0085

Dobrovolný příspěvěk

10 am – 2 pm

Private Consultation with Resonance Therapy to awake the own responsability

Reservation under the number

773 74 0085

Voluntary donation




















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